Два часа

Табличка с обновлениями времени запуска выглядит презабавно. Запуск fh_demo состоится через два часа… и так на протяжении нескольких часов:

Time Update
T-2:02 more ‘clock management’; 20:15 UTC
T-2:02 new launchtime: 20:10 UTC due to ‘clock management’
T-2:10 Aaaaaaand r/SpaceX has liftoff! at 17:55 UTC r/SpaceX has reached 200,000 subscribers. Hello and welcome to all newcomers!
T-2:14 wayward wind getting in our way … new launch time 20:05 UTC
T-2:24 Another push back to 19:50 UTC due to upper level winds
T-2:23 Well… This this is now a countUP. New reset for 19:20 UTC due to upper level wind shear
T-2:16 Launch profile including fairing recovery
T-RESET It looks like the launch timer has reset to 19:00 UTC
T-2:09 All systems remain go for today’s test flight of Falcon Heavy.
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