NASA приостанавливает сотрудничество с Россией


… NASA told its officials today that the agency is suspending all contact with Russian government representatives. …

Ongoing International Space Station activities are exempt from this suspension, however, as are meetings with other countries held outside of Russia that include the participation of Russian officials.

Неожиданно. Если бы меня спросили вчера, я бы сказал, что NASA откажется от Союзов, как только будет готов пилотируемый Dragon. Или Orion. Или любой другой американский пилотируемый корабль. То есть через пару лет. А оно вон как вышло…


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Space Station is unaffected

For now. Those $76m Soyuz seats are awful hard to defend in this political climate, especially since Musk is throwing around numbers like $20m/seat (without reuse), and on an all-American vehicle at that.

If the situation in Ukraine gets any worse, I expect a lot of political outrage if we are seeing dropping that kind of cash on Russia.

Hard to defend but realistically our only choices currently are to pay the Russians or abandon ISS (likely for a long time or permanently).

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