Я составляю списки, а затем я составляю списки списков

Веселый тред на reddit.com: Как бы вы объяснили в чем состоит ваша работа человеку, который родился 1000 лет назад:

Marketing? I’d just say I’m a whore.

Using a self moving horseless cart I take Italian food to people who ask for it over vast distances.


Примерно каждый четвертый объявляется ведьмой и отправляется на костер:

I’m a web developer working in aerospace. Fuck.

You create illuminated manuscripts displaying the glory of machines that fly through the air.

A witch!

Или вот еще шедевр:

I represent a guild of trained craftmen whose purpose is to resolve the problems of common people.

Our craftmen are instructed in the arts of the conception of extremely complex machineries, and are so versed in their specialities that they forgot the language of the common people.

The common people, however, wouldn’t grasp a word of the speakings of my craftmen. There is just no way that they can talk together and understand each other.

My duty in the guild of craftmen is to understand the needs of the common people. I discuss with them to know their problems, and I think of ways that our craftmen could help solving these problems by inventing complex machineries.

Then, because I have been trained for years in this craft, I can scribbe down these needs on parchments in a formulation that speaks to my craftmen. We call these parchments the “project specifications” and treat them with immense respect as they represent our duties toward the common people.

My craftmen finally read, understand and study these parchments that and are able to apply their art and genius to the problems of common people. In the end, I have the duty to make sure that the machinery designed by my craftmen can effectively resolve the problems that we described in the project specification.

If I had to give an example of these complex machineries, we once made a very large and complex automat that helps a local ruler estimate the charges dues by his servants in exchange of provisioning them with water and other resources. We called this system an automatic meter reading solution.

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