Linux, или туда и обратно

Две истории про переход Windows программистов на Linux и обратно:

Вторая особенно хороша - David Gewirtz там выпускает пар. Хотя пара разумных соображений в статье тоже есть.

I talked with my ISP today. They told me that when they came in this morning, the server monitor was spewing an incredible number of error messages, and — in their words — it was erroring worse than they’ve ever seen.

Here’s where it gets crazy, though. I asked if they used this distro (CentOS, version 5.6) anywhere else in their organization.

“Yes,” I was told. “On lots of machines. But we don’t ever run updates. Once it’s installed, we leave it alone.”

That’s how you survive with a Linux distro apparently. Once it’s installed and works, never, ever update it.

Here’s what I found:

  • Linux still sucks, for me. David’s post spoke to me in a very deep way. It simply has too many, too loosely coupled parts for someone who is not born and bred on it to be productive.
  • I don’t hate Linux because I worked at Microsoft. I hate Linux because it sucks, for me.
  • The OSS cloud development stacks (Ruby, Node.js, Heroku, Hadoop, etc…) are shockingly productive. As long as you get them setup and configured.
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