Bing Search will be hosting a recruiting trip to Russia

Пробежало по внутренней рассылке. Рекрутер (Anubha Mahajan) просила ссылаться на меня (Alexey Pakhunov), чтобы отследить кандидатов, пришедших с этого блога.

Bing will be hosting a recruiting event in late July/Early August this year to recruit top talent from all over Russia for software developers of all seniorities and experience levels who are interested in relocating to the U.S. At this time, we are looking to fill the below opportunities and all roles require strong coding and development experience.

If interested - please send your information and CV to the sourcing recruiter for this event at by July 8th. We are focused on broad-based software development skills when considering potential candidates (across the board – no specific technology/product niche requirements). If you are good in C++, C# or JAVA, we’d like to hear about you!

Job Description

Do you like to work on the hardest problems in computing with the biggest user impact? Is Search your vision of computing’s future, but it isn’t nearly there yet? Want to be the one to make it happen?

We work on the cutting edge of computer science, where a petabyte of data is “small”, ten thousand machines is a “little cluster”, and one second is an “eternity”. Our tools include machine learning models and the world’s largest distributed system. We are a high powered startup inside of Microsoft, working on technology and products that are critical to our company’s success and at the heart of the customer experience of the internet.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to experience Microsoft’s new search engine Bing and seen how we’re changing the game in Search. Bing is receiving amazing reviews and generating lots of great buzz. Bing has had a fantastic year so far. After the successful brand launch earlier this year, the team has been working hard, both on closing the gap with our competitors in key areas like relevance, as well as driving thought leadership with new paradigms for search and user experience. This is probably one of most exciting times to be on the team, and you have an opportunity to help shape its future.

We’re looking for strong Software Development Engineers to help us with a number of hard problems in the following areas:

Ranking Development Team

Bing Ranking team is looking for extremely talented individuals to lead, design, and implement algorithms for solving the central problem in web search-how to rank tens of billions of documents to maximize relevance in fraction of a second.

The ranking team at Bing is tasked with finding and returning the best available results on the web for all user queries. This is a great opportunity to work on a small team in a start-up like environment. As a member of the ranking team, you will have a direct impact on the quality of our search results which in turn determines the experience of 100 million user searches every day. In collaboration with researchers at MSR, we explore and invent cutting edge techniques in statistics, information retrieval, machine learning and distributed systems to solve this problem.

Bing Relevance Measurement Team

The Bing Relevance Measurement team has played a foundational role in where we are now and will continue to be an important part of our ranking and relevance efforts. Search results evaluation is an extremely difficult problem and an area of extensive research. There are several dimensions to evaluation of overall relevance and user-satisfaction of our search results such as understanding user-intent, diversity, freshness, authority of sources, UI elements such as captions, titles, images, maps, query suggestions etc.

You will have a unique opportunity to work on a variety of problems ranging from solving scalability and reliability of our infrastructure across hundreds of machines to working on ideas in data mining, statistics, machine learning and informational retrieval. You have the right environment and strong support to drive your favorite features to solution. We are an extremely agile team and we move very fast from ideas to experimentation, development and deployment through continuous releases throughout the year.

Bing Search Platforms Team

We’re building our search service as a platform that developers inside and outside of Microsoft can use to build rich applications. Can you imagine ways to make use of our thousands of servers, billions of pages, and rich query abilities? Do you want to take our infrastructure and turn it into a re-usable system to power other major search engines along with hundreds of third-party applications? Apply here!

The future of Search lies with data that doesn’t just come from a web crawl. We need to gather, curate, and serve billions of records of structured data to power the new Bing experience. But we need to do so faster and more effectively than our competition. The race is on. Can you build the system to win? The Bing results page is much more than ten blue web links. Help us build the service layer that pulls together diverse results from hundreds of data sources and gives Bing its Bling yet maintains the snappy performance and dial-tone availability that users expect from a search engine. Doing so requires a real expert in multithreaded programming and distributed systems. Could this be you?

Bing Infrastructure Team

What we have: A massively-parallel supercomputer comprised of tens of thousands of commodity PC’s, coordinating to provide vast reliable storage and stunning computation power. Each and every day we ingest hundreds of terabytes of data from Bing, AdCenter, MSN, Windows Live, and other Microsoft web properties. Every day we run thousands of computations that read and write petabytes. The underlying service needs to be unimaginably fast, and it needs to be rock-solid reliable.

The immediate challenge is to add incremental processing, random reads and writes, and distributed transactions to what is already one of the largest batch computation systems in the world. The application we are building? Nothing less than curating complete, up-to-date copies of the World Wide Web, annotated with structured data, social network updates, geospatial, and semantic data.

Imagine doing tens of billions of updates per day distributed across tens of thousands of machines, with trillions of reads. That’s the (relatively) easy part. Doing it in harmony with impacting critical line-of-business batch jobs, data ingestion, and thousands of other tasks that power our online businesses - that’s where you’ll make your mark. Interested?

We are looking for cream of the crop - motivated developers with excellent architecture, design, coding, debugging and problem solving skills and a track record of shipping high quality software. Qualified candidates should be able to work independently as well in a collaborative team setting to research innovative solutions to challenging business/technical problems.

Although we welcome candidates with experience in one of information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, building large-scale distributed systems or building high-performance systems, we do NOT require it.

Required skills:

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