Microsoft проведёт очередной набор студентов и выпускников из России, Беларуси и Украины.

Вот, по внутренней рассылке пробежало:

Корпорация Microsoft проводит интервью для поступления на работу в Microsoft USA для студентов и выпускников из России, Беларуси и Украины в феврале 2011 года на должности:

Мы приглашаем студентов которые окончили ВУЗ в 2010 году или или собираются окончить ВУЗ в 2011 году на постоянную работу в Рэдмонд. Пожалуйста, присылайте ваши резюме до 1-го февраля 2011 года. Для подачи заявлений и получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, посетите сайт Интервью проходит на английском языке.


Software Development Engineer (SDE)

Work at the Core of Every Product We Build This is where the fun begins for code gurus like you. As a hands-on Software Development Engineer, you’ll make decisions about design and feature implementation, using your mastery of technical tools to make a product vision a reality. If you like to write code and design efficient data structures and algorithms to develop next-generation applications or operating systems, this is the position for you. As an SDE, you’ll bring products to life by working with Program Managers to ensure strong design and Software Development Engineers in Test to ensure quality through testing.

Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

Discover Life on the Last Line of Defense As a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), you’ll own it, break it, fix it, and own it again. You’ll ensure a product’s quality by making sure it performs as users expect it to. Part of the fun is how creative you can be devising ways to manipulate, crush, and sabotage software into submission—while creating innovative testing technologies along the way.

Ultimately, as an SDET it’s your input that can make the difference between joy and frustration for the customers. A great SDET demonstrates interest in customer advocacy derived from a holistic understanding of the product from the code level to delivery. Since you’re keen on how things work, and making them work better, you’ll work hand in hand with the Program Managers and Software Development Engineers to design, develop, and maintain automation systems for use in development and testing cycles.

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