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Extreme Computing Group (XCG), в которой я работаю, нанимает разработчиков. В том числе рассматриваются кандидаты из-за рубежа. Само собой, локальные кандидаты предпочтительней, но их как-то не очень заметно, так что у вас есть хороший шанс. Делаются как новые H1B, так и H1B transfer, насколько я могу судить. Позиции ищуться по ключевым словам «eXtreme Computing Group (XCG)». Вот пара ссылок:

От себя добавлю, что проекты у нас сложные и интересные, а люди хорошие. :-) Подаваться нужно через http://careers.microsoft.com, в крайнем случае – пришлите резюме мне (alexeypa@gmail.com). На разбор писем я собираюсь потратить не так уж много времени. Никаких гарантий, что письмо посланное мне будет передано рекрутеру нет (я даже и не знаю, кто он), так что careers - надежнее.

Software Development Engineer, Senior - Extreme Computing Group

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development Location: United States, WA, Redmond Job ID: 740009 29602 Division: Microsoft Research

About eXtreme Computing Group (XCG): We are at the beginning of a far-reaching paradigm shift driven by powerful mobile devices, wireless connectivity, and services hosted across the internet. The Extreme Computing Group’s (XCG) in Microsoft Research is chartered to rethink computing at extreme scale-from alternative quantum computing models, through the revolutionary effects of many core parallelism, to the massive cloud computing infrastructure and applications. As the name suggests, XCG is moving beyond the current practice to develop the hardware and software platforms that will ensure Microsoft’s success in coming decades.

XCG System Software Team is developing innovative hardware and software platforms and technologies to facilitate software development, reduce acquisition and operational costs, and improve reliability and robustness for datacenter and cloud-scale workloads. Our goal is to find and demonstrate the innovations that give Microsoft a competitive advantage and that bring software development for cloud computing into the mainstream. To achieve this end, our projects span the usual hardware-software boundaries to encompass innovations in power distribution, cooling, server design, networking, and system software, programming languages, and tools. To motive and drive our efforts, we are developing innovative cloud computing applications.

About the position: We are seeking a strong senior systems developer, with deep knowledge and implementation experience ranging from low level operating systems to large parallel (preferably cloud computing) compute environments, who are passionate about technology, motivated to make an impact, eager to learn and grow, and who enjoy creative thinking and systems building in a collegial and collaborative environment. The successful candidate will be a systems developer capable of dealing with ambiguity, proficient in C, C++ and assembly coding, experience in bringing up new hardware platforms with system software, passion for large-scale cloud computing, and possessing solid communication skills. A very important “nice to have” skillset would be deep understanding of networking at the protocol and stack design level. In return, we offer the opportunity to work with cutting-edge hardware and software, to solve complex technical computing problems, and to influence the future of computing.



Demonstrated technical leadership across a large, diverse group:

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