Bing Development Team is hiring

Bing Development Team будет проводить проводить интервью в Москве в октября/ноябре 2010 г. Резюме можно присылать на адрес (Mat Connot).

Microsoft Bing Mobile & Global Foundation Services Software Development Jobs based in Microsoft’s Corporate HQ in the U.S.

For additional information and for instructions about how to apply: please email Mat Connot at

Software development positions (I, II, & Snr) are available on each of the teams below.

Bing Mobile & Global Foundation Services will be visiting Moscow in October and November to interview talented developers interested in our U.S. based roles.

Have you ever considered relocating to the U.S.?

Bing Mobile

Bing Mobile! The two most exciting, and strategically critical, investments Microsoft is making today have converged into a single new organization within Microsoft’s Online Services Division – and we are hiring. This is a truly unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a group that has the executive mandate to win mobile search.

Do you have the right stuff to help us win? Do you want to define and deliver a product that tens of millions of people interact with every day? Do you want to redefine what it means to find local information on the Internet? To work at the cutting edge of computer science? To get your hands dirty with machine learning, natural language processing, crowd sourcing & UGC, web extraction and understanding, and Internet-scale systems that serve 1000’s of requests per second with 5 9s availability? If you said “yes” to any of these, the Bing Mobile team is for you.

The Bing Mobile team is focused on delivering the BING search experience on mobile devices. Our goal is to put the power of BING in your pocket. The BING search team owns creating addictively useful experiences for folks trying to search from their mobile devices. We do this by building best-of-breed browser and full-client experiences along with a high-performance platform, and by creating opportunities for users to experience BING through carriers and direct distribution.

We are enabling experiences on your mobile devices such as driving directions, 2D/3D/Street View maps, GPS based navigation, category search, product search, browsing detailed maps, finding movie times or just searching anything on the web you are remotely curious about. The field is full of stiff competition, but the battle is far from won for anyone. Our goal is to deliver the BING experience across the wide variety of mobile devices and platforms in the market. Our mission is to get every one of the mobile queries served using powerful BING search technology. We are building world class, rich, immersive apps on all major mobile platforms using the latest and greatest technologies. There is lot more to do.

Global Foundation Services (GFS)

Global Foundation Services (GFS) is the infrastructure & operations support for Online and Live services such as MSN and Windows Live, communications and collaboration services, and over 300 additional enterprise services and Web portals.

Delivery of massive, global infrastructure, core technical solutions to manage and optimize the online services and a comprehensive eco-system to ensure growth, quality and trust of these online services are some of the core components of GFS.

Manageability Services Team (MSG)

As the company realizes its vision of a software + services mission, more and more emphasis is being placed in the efficient running of services in GFS data centers.

The Manageability Services Group builds the Manageability Framework (MFx), a v1 software product to manage services in data centers. GFS’s current management tools are at least a decade old and are being replaced with MFx. We build components that massively distributed applications live and die by - deployment and monitoring. We have it all - complex algorithmic tasks, opportunity to write a lot of code, potential to influence the entire industry, and, last but not least, soon to be running millions of computers!

Additionally, the division is transitioning from a primarily people powered approach to a fully automated, software driving model. We have ambitious goals of dramatically improving our people:server ratio.

GFS MSG Software Development in Test Team - We’re looking for strong algorithmic skills, native fluency in C#, and a lot of passion - proven by shipping real software! A SDET on our team is responsible for designing, implementing and automating test cases, and shipping solutions to improve server monitoring and deployment across large data centers.

GFS MSG Software Development Team - We are building a new team of people who will focus on building solutions on top of this platform, enabling real user scenarios through software. If you have a lot of passion for customers, are natively fluent in C#, C and C++, and have previously taken an externally released product through multiple shipping cycles, we would like to see you on our team!

If you are the kind of person who loves the challenge of building large fault tolerant distributed systems on unreliable hardware, where anything can fail at any time, these groups might be for you. We are looking for Software Development Engineers with broad and strong technical skills, excellent communication and leadership skills with the passion and dedication to work hard and do whatever it takes to succeed.

A successful candidate will have background in some of the following areas:

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